More profit, less hustle.

(It really can be that simple.)

We simplify your finances and help you increase your bottom line — without increasing your workload. Because you deserve to spend less time stressing over numbers and more time doing what you love.



Vanity metrics mean zilch if there’s nothing left over for you, your family, and your goals.

Our FREE video series ABUNDANT CEO will help you kickstart your profit plan to ensure that you are able to make more money without adding to your to-do list. Cheers to that!


You can earn more while working less

And it doesn’t have to be complicated — all it takes is a little math.

We’ll show you how.

Let’s get you where you need to go. What kind of help are you looking for?

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“I’m happy to do my own books, but I need help! I want to learn how to save myself time, money, and stress while DIY-ing my finances.”

Our Bottoms Up! program gives you everything you need to not only DIY your books, but to actually understand what your numbers are telling you.

Because you deserve to feel empowered by your business’ finances, not overwhelmed by them.

Coming MAY 2021


“I’m ready to hand over my books to someone who can also help me understand them. I want financial clarity and a personalized profit plan.”

We’ve got your back. Sure, we’ll take your books off your hands. But we’ll also help you make smarter decisions based on facts and real possibility (not just gut feeling).

When you work with us, we spend less time focusing on complicated accounting terms and more time talking about where you want to go in your business — and how your profits can get you there.

Hi! We’re Jenni & Kristin

Co-founders of Fox Gravitt, CPAs, wives, and mommas.

Just like you, we’re business owners. And we believe entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to choose between maximizing their profits and maximizing their time. You get to have both.

We get that you don’t want to just feel  like your hard work is paying off. You want to see it reflected in your bottom line — to confidently know that you can earn more while working less.

We’ll help you better understand your numbers, so you know exactly where you stand. But more importantly, we look at where you want to go, and how your finances can support that vision.

We want to see your business thrive, not just survive. And that starts with a forward-thinking approach to your finances.

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Kind Words

"I can not say enough good things about working with Fox Gravitt."

My taxes were a complete mess when I came to her. Over time, she has gotten my taxes and systems/processes in tip-top shape, amended my past tax returns that were incorrectly prepared by another accountant (without me even asking her to), helped to save me money, and helped me learn more about the money side of my business.

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