Frequently Asked Questions

What states does Kristin offer services in/what states is she licensed in?

Kristin is licensed in North Carolina (NC) but can provide services to clients in all states. This means that while her primary license is in North Carolina, she is authorized to offer her services to clients located in any state within the United States. This flexibility enables Kristin to serve a diverse range of clients across various geographic locations, ensuring that she can effectively meet their financial needs regardless of their state of residence or business operation.

Does Kristin offer any in person meetings/services or is everything done virtually?

Kristin primarily conducts her meetings and services virtually, leveraging technology to facilitate communication and collaboration with her clients. However, she is also open to meeting clients in local coffee shops for in-person consultations when necessary or preferred. This approach allows Kristin to accommodate her clients’ preferences while maintaining flexibility and accessibility in her service delivery. By offering a combination of virtual and in-person meetings, Kristin ensures that she can effectively cater to her clients’ needs while also providing personalized and convenient service options.

Does Kristin offer tax/accounting services for individuals or only businesses?

Kristin primarily focuses on providing tax and accounting services for businesses and the owners of those businesses. She specializes in serving the unique financial needs of businesses, including strategic tax planning, financial management, and advisory services tailored to business owners’ requirements. However, Kristin does not offer one-off individual tax preparation services. This specialization underscores Kristin’s dedication to offering comprehensive support specifically tailored to the complexities of business finances, ensuring that her clients receive targeted and strategic financial guidance to optimize their business operations and personal financial goals.

Does Kristin specialize in any specific industries/companies of a certain size?

Kristin specializes in servicing service-based businesses of any size, with her main focus on businesses requiring fractional CFO services and tax strategies. This focus indicates that Kristin is adept at providing comprehensive financial guidance, ranging from strategic financial planning and management to tax optimization strategies. By catering to businesses across various stages of growth, from startups to larger enterprises, Kristin demonstrates her versatility and ability to offer tailored solutions that align with her clients’ evolving needs within the service industry. This approach further solidifies her reputation as a trusted financial advisor capable of navigating the intricacies of the service industry.

Can Kristin provide assistance if my business is audited?

Yes, Kristin can provide assistance if your business is audited. By offering audit assistance, Kristin demonstrates her commitment to supporting her clients through various financial challenges and regulatory processes. This service ensures that clients have the necessary support and guidance to navigate audits effectively, addressing any inquiries or concerns that may arise during the audit process. Kristin’s willingness to assist with audits further underscores her dedication to providing comprehensive financial support and peace of mind to her clients.

What sets Kristin apart from other CPAs in the area?

Kristin sets herself apart from other CPAs in the area by taking a proactive approach and working with clients year-round, rather than solely focusing on tax season. This dedication ensures that clients receive ongoing support and guidance beyond just tax preparation. Moreover, Kristin positions herself as more than just a CPA; she serves as a financial guide for her clients’ businesses, offering comprehensive assistance with their financial needs and strategic planning. This personalized and attentive approach distinguishes Kristin as a trusted advisor who prioritizes her clients’ long-term success and financial well-being.